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3D Model of CGMA

Loading a 3D Model of CGMA

Realtime Render of the 3D Model from CGMA

Since summer 2019 I have been giving rigging courses on CGMA The course is setup to contain about 12 hours of video tutorials which are available over the course of 8 weeks. It goes from a basic explanation of the main tools available in Maya through to learning how to create basic components for a humanoid rig. For the right amount of information, part of the videos are released every week. In addition, this is completed with a homework assignment that matches the information gathered this week.

samurai 01
All of the homework assignments will be checked an covered with an individual feedback video of about 10~30 minutes making sure that each student gets the most out of the course. At the end of the week there will be a scheduled Q&A session that allows the students to ask questions about the homework and other things within the topic of Technical Art.
samurai 02
The course not only includes rigging, it also goes over some simple Python scripting, profiling of the rigs and of course skinning.
samurai 03
Most of the free tools that are provided on my Gumroad are featured in the course as well
samurai 04

The following animation is done by my friend Stephanie Timmins

samurai anim

For more information about CGMA and the course:

CGMA Rigging for Games