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Smuggler / Bounty Hunter

Personal Work

3D Model of Smuggler / Bounty Hunter

Loading a 3D Model of Smuggler / Bounty Hunter

Realtime Render of the 3D Model from Smuggler / Bounty Hunter

Yet another project Ben and I worked together on. Originally starting out only as as a speed sculpt bust, I managed to convince Ben to go one step further and make it a complete creature. Similar to the Skaarj rig, the character has the option to remove the jacket to give it a different feel. The real challenge within this character was moving the metal plates without penetrating the jacket on top.

Smuggler 01
Smuggler 02

The animation below was done by the very talented Richard Oud


The image of the shark on the back is created by Luc de Haan, an amazing concept artist. You can find his work over here