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Krieger MechSuite

Personal Work

Krieger cockpit
Krieger legs

This is one of the models that I rigged for the "Is This Heaven" short movie proof of concept. Is This Heaven (テンカラ) is an in-development science fiction project by Bastiaan Koch filmed on location in Fort Ord, California and Gunkanjima, Nagasaki. The concept was first drafted by Carlo Arellano and then brought into reality by Ben Erdt. When I entered the project this beast was mostly done. Ben found out how the cockpit would open and I made sure to add the entire rig and all the tiny details were added. In addition to that the rig had to run fast enough to be animated comfortably in Maya.

Krieger krieger_model
Krieger krieger_Back
Krieger krieger_open
Krieger krieger_shot

for more information about the krieger and the short movie:

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