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Horizon Zero Dawn

Professional Work

Straight after the work on Killzone we started working on Horizon: Zero Dawn. The game was in pre-production for some time by a skeleton crew that tried to figure out some of the core mechanics and story of the game. When the rest of Guerrilla came on to the project a solid base was already set with mocup assets and robots.

While the entire company was getting familiar with what the game was about, the tech art team started reconfiguring the rigging pipeline for a more object oriented component based approach. this is where I got my hands dirty deep into Python code and helped create a lot of specialized components for the robots. The biggest take out of this was the cooperation with the concept- modeling- and animation-artist on getting the most out of a mesh from beginning to end.

When production started I took on most of the rigs for the robots building them with the modular system.

After most of the robots where done I moved over onto the humans. The humans where all using the same base class and skeleton to build the rig therefore we had to focus more on the procedural bones (bones moved using math or pbd's). Finally I ended up skinning most of the humanoid characters, using the skinning toolkit, taking about 5-8 hours per character archetype.

Here are some of the robots I worked on:

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