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Dynamic Parent Script

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The Dynamic Parent script is based on an idea from Robert Joosten

It allows the user to change the parent space of the object while retaining the position in world space during switching.

This is useful for animation for example when a character has to switch weapons from different positions the tool allows for a seamless transition from one space to another.

The downside of this tool is that once it is used, it is difficult to change the timing of the switching. As every switch needs a key on the frame before the switch and one after the switch.

When the dynamic parent script is running successfully: The enum-attribute allows for switching and retaining the space of the object. The other attributes are there so the animator has easy access to the keys on the timeline

The component that makes the switch work to retain the space is backed by a script node, which is called at the moment the attribute is changed.

Get the Dynamic Parent Script here