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Personal Work


I reached out to Ana Mendes after seeing some of her work on Twitter. I asked her if she had a model available for me for rigging. She was very kind and offered me 2 models to work with and the first one was Akali. This being the one without too much facial rigging to do, so I worked on it first as it would be the one easiest and quickest to complete.


The rig is fairly simple and does not have difficult component in there. The only thing that needed some R&D in this rig was the necklace. It is hovering above both shoulders so these need to move the necklace out when they are rotated.

The joint placement is in a "V" shape, from the back of the neck to both positions just above the clavicles. Both of these points above the clavicles are rigged as a piston so they will always aim toward each other. The back of the neck is used as the up vector so the rotation will not break.

To finish off the necklace rig, a joint is placed in the middle of the pistons to keep the spacing and use the orientation of both joints.