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Maya Skinning Tool

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Maya Skinning Tool Screenshot

This is a small project I picked up during a vacation in 2011. I got the idea to create this tool from Andrea Arghinenti, who had snippets of code to enhance his skinning.

It started out as just a small menu of about 6 buttons to manage small snippets of code, much used Maya windows and some weight sliders:


This expanded over time by adding new features whenever a new challenge came up and the code base kept growing. In the end most of the code that handled large chunks of data had to be refactored using a c++ plugin created together with Trevor van Hoof

To copy over weights between meshes that didn't use the same structure, I worked together with Jan Pijpers. He explained kdTrees to me and helped with a system to separately cluster vertex selection groups.

Also the sliders in the weight slider column got changed to better readable component created by Daniele Niero

The tool is still evolving and used by many professional productions and triple-A industries. It's also used in the skinning part of my CGMA course.

Currently the tool is supported on Windows and Mac OSX.